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Disciplinary Committee Lyrics

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Disciplinary Committee Lyrics

This a record for y’all who doubted me
I carry sarcasm around like house keys
I took a different route
Still they found me
I used too sneak to Rap
Dad would ground me
I understand now cause
I’m on my
Own feet
I used to try speaking life
On the wrong beats
I used too like moving around with the wrong teams
Know guys
Who can’t write
A song
When they can’t lean
That ain’t right
I know niggas
Who would rob you
Cause your chain
Moving feeling life
Ain’t fair
Man this ain’t right
How we gone make it
Some how made a way
How I leave my crooked past
Fuck the frozen chains
Mom I’m still that humblе kid
Im just in rain
Praying ima find a way
Cause I’m sick of pain
Instead tryna make еxcuses
Imma take the blame
Trey beats fireworks
I just make it flame
I make it higher
Every other day
I still can’t believe
The things that i over came
Well damn well ya ya
This is Something to keep you going
I’m still flowing
2023 yeah I’m still blowing
Moves so unpredictable
You can’t tell where it’s going
From the start they was shading me
But I im glowing
Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones
In Grade 9 man
I was balling and one
Out of 10 I’m plus 9 if you add one
I just talk
It sit’s right
The track jumps
If it’s a race
I make you look like you can’t run
& Still Niggas would claim and say I can’t rap
Know Niggas who be saying that I can’t last

Tryna Build sustainable habits
Through gradual progression
The Way I’m blowing
On these records
Causal attention
Told some niggas
They was average
Was they biggest blessing
I bring impact
Every lyric
And cord progression
You on the ground
I’m in the sky
Tryna reach for heaven
I speak truth
I give em verses
Like I’m a reverend
All of my mistakes are
Hidden in the message
YeahI sin so much
I tell my self
Every other week
I need to go and see
The reverend
Ghetto in me
Hit a lick a buy a necklace
Fearing they kill me
Cause I got these niggas stressing
I be talking properly when
Im on these fucking records
You be in your feelings
Cause I’m first and you second
In the topics
Of the greatest
I’ll be always mentioned
Out in Bauleni
Yeah they look at me
Like I’m a legendThe biggest artist
In the game
Rapping bout my name
Y’all niggas was laughing at me
Now I’m coming for your plates
You mocked me because clout
I made it through all the pain
I can’t wait to sit on the planes
And think about all my pain
The lying and all the games
The cameras and all this fame
They telling me that I’ve changed
Fuck it imma stay in my lane
And just keep rapping
And making it happen
You’ll ask yourself
Shit what happened
24 like a cobra
I chose love
Now I’m worried bout
My own trust
My own love
I ain’t perfect but I show up
So rush
Like it’s burrow
When it’s fourth down
I’m so clutch
When I look at
How I acted then
I feel dumb
But I smile
And realize
I’ve grown upIt ain’t my fault your favorite rapper
Is a kembo
I’m bout to roll a blunt
Call emo
And say!
Happy birthday my Nigga
Stuck by me
Believed “ me through all my worst days my nigga
Middle finger to that Nigga on the net
Who’s a cock roach
And that another Nigga twerking bro
You not dope
Didn’t they warn you on these records
X is cut throught
And here’s something that you don’t know
Boy deep like titanic
Private links
Had to link her at titanic
I wanna be a step dad
Baby so don’t panic
Word play
I can kill
This Nigga
From Monday
To Thursday
Back to Friday
And Sunday
On my worst day
A earth quake
Or tsunami
When they hear me
They gone say
Cinori probably gon join
The Illuminati
The way he’s desperate
To blow on a track
Tell these niggas
That I really
Know how to rapI notice all my enemies
Linking up and making teams
Yellow man emergency
Blame it on Tommy Dee
Rushing to the hospital
Came back I can’t believe
Xo jacked a jumper
That’s the word on the street
I was tryna help I guess that you Niggas
Didn’t believe
I will never clear up rumors about myself
Id rather spend that focus on myself
I’m opposite
I did by myself ya
I had to work a double shift
Like it’s caps lock
(A myth in this rapping shit
Like a sashquash)
Your fans
Fucking love
The way that I rap talk
I made it from Lsk
With my rap thoughts
I’m feeling like will smith
I’m handcock
I’m handcock

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