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Danica! Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Danica! Lyrics.

Danica! Lyrics

Take me with you, Yuno
Turn me up, turn me up, yeah, yeah (There’s only one answer… Instinct!)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Smoke me a cigarette to pass the time
Thinking bout all the times, all the times that you were mine
Yeah, I know it been hurting to say, even in public you on my mind
Yeah, the love goes both ways, just know that I think that you fine (yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I’m missing the good days, we were both sippin’ on wine (on god)
I ain’t missing them bad days, I was grippin’ on my nine (on my nine)
If you wanted a say, I could just say that you my light (yeah yeah)
If you need me now, I’ll always be here so hit my line, yeah (hit my line, yeah uh)
But don’t hit me right now, no (don’t hit me right now)
I just can’t allow, no (I just can’t allow)
When I see you were gone, I was like how (I was like how, like how)
Girl you got my heart (yeah)
You had it from the start, (yeah) our love was like art yeah
Gotta play your part, if you don’t want our love apart
Car got no key, it’s a push to start, smoke that pack just like it’s a cart, yeah, yeah, yeah (uh, uh, uh)
Yeah, I was worried for you
I would lose it all for you, we were stuck together like glue
We done see it all, it’s true, money counter gon break through
I done only seen a few, all the money damn changed you (yeah it changed you)
I didn’t want it to
But I swear everything I tried, you didn’t want me to (you didn’t want me to, uh)
Yeah, so now that we broken (uh huh)
Yeah, yeah, I hope you never cope, yeah

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