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Oh My God pt. 1 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Oh My God pt. 1 Lyrics.

Oh My God pt. 1 Lyrics

He doesn’t know just how I feel
He don’t seem to care, but my love is real

You must be stupid, bitch, do I look like Cupid?
We couldn’t be together even if you were dreaming lucid
And I had interest in something deeper, I don’t feel those things
I had exes leave the ring when the hotline bling
You took trips to see Abby, but Abby had a dick
And a kid with no job, and you wonder why I’m sick
I’m not letting you close so I can love, overdose
Then wanna die in a comatose ’cause my brain’s so gross
I pull out all my dirty laundry and my skeletons too
Leave my closet empty so that I can make more room
For bad bitches and tension when my mom taught me better
I guess there is a time limit on lasting forever
Who want to die alone empty in their heart in their home?
But it’s better than someone you love doing shit you don’t condone
I’m fuckin’ hoes for the moment until I feel wanted
Heavily blunted, my body counts reaching a hundred
‘Cause bitches fronted and then claim niggas ain’t shit
But Eve bit the apple, Adam made her from his ribs
I give her a piece of me she’ll throw it back in my face
Love is a mistake, I’m sorry for my lack of faith
And you being different ’cause everybody claims to be
After the honeymoon you all seem the same to me
Infatuation runs off and the text get ignored
You fuck up our relationship when I lowered my guard
Oh my God!

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