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Bleary-Eyed Woman Lyrics

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Bleary-Eyed Woman Lyrics

Wake up in the morning
Wake up in the morning
Feeling sad and lonely
Well, she ain’t here
My bleary-eyed woman ain’t here

Walk on down the side road
Walk on down the side road
‘Til I get down to the commissary store
Buy me a bottle of whiskey
Cause my bleary-eyed woman ain’t here
[Break]Saw a girl selling fortunes
I seen a girl selling fortunes
She held a green stem in her hand
Said, “Man, you better keep walking
You’re bleary-еyed woman ain’t here.”See all thеm pretty people walkin’
All them pretty people walkin’
You know someone’s got their lovin’
Well I wouldn’t mind them so much
Its just my bleary-eyed woman ain’t here[Break]Thought I seen her somewhere
Thought I seen her somewhere
Waiting down by that corner sign
But it was just my shadow
You know my bleary-eyed woman ain’t hereI’ll keep on walking up that hill
Keep walking up that hill
Swear she’s sure gonna get me killed
But I got to find my woman
Cause my bleary-eyed woman ain’t here

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