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It’s gotta end at some point, right?

It’s not too late for you to change your whole life
I spent a fucking decade just catching the knife
I’ma spend the next one fucking your wife
That’s a joke, but this is our final goodbye
This is my final rap ever, I hope you enjoy it
It’s getting too corny I just can’t employ it
This is the last beat ever, let’s fucking destroy it
I’m relaxing, just counting these Jacksons – Latoya
Let me take you back to my twenties
Started popping off, people giving me money
That turned me to a dummy
DMs went from Holland[?], to “want to drop out of college?
Want to take this shit all in?”
2K a month? I was ballin’
Had a shitty contract, that’s cool
What the fuck did I do?
All these unsolicited nudes
I was getting a bit rude
Thinking I was That Dude
But I was a schmuck
No matter people on my nuts
I see a cutie on Twitter?
I slide in: “Yo, what’s up?”So let me let you know my ethos
Love letting down these people
Those videos were free-throws
But they were great for my ego
Made a few dorks seethe, though
But that’s no-one that we know
These incels don’t love me
Dodging nerds like Neo
Let me share what I believe, though
See life’s a bit more than just money and numbers
I know that, that’s shocking, that’s lightning, that’s thunder
The pursuit of fame almost had me straight under
Where would I be if I continued I wonder?
Probably be dead or miserable
‘Cause clout chasin no mistletoe
Fall off like the wind will blow
Numbers drop as you’re getting old
‘Cause I seen how this shit fucks with your mind
Second guessing your friends
Double checking your wife
On camera all the time, just moaning and whining
Call me out that’s fine I’ve got nothing I’m hiding
Come after me get clapped
Oh baby do you love me for my heart or my stats?
I’m pure of heart now, I can’t fuck with all that
I only tell the truth, man, I don’t even rap
Start some shit with me I’ll make a home in your head
And I’m not paying rent
They said I couldn’t say it so I said it again
– And then I said it again
… And then I said it againHandsome, intelligent
Finally irrelevant
Got no-one watching
But damn, I’m benevolent
Will you still love me when you hate the content?
I’m tweaking, this shit just devolved into nonsense
I should hang it up and pledge to a convent
I’ve been here all day, man, oh shit is it done yet?
‘Cause when the sun rises I’ll still keep on tapping
Man, this shit’s bussin – no cap, this shit’s slappin’
What do I mean when I say that I love you?
I got you in wartime, there’s no time for Sun Tzu
“One day I will own this!” Just kidding, man, fuck you
I’m old as fuck but look, bitch: I’ll still son you
You’re taking the ladder? I’m taking the slide
My soul’s not for sale you can’t bargain my pride
If you still believe in me come on inside
Man, I can’t lie – it’s been a hell of a ride
Some things you should know

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