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Life Ain’t Perfect Lyrics

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Life Ain’t Perfect Lyrics

[Intro: CG5]
It’s one big shade of gray
And the dark kind, I’m afraid to say

[Verse 1: CG5]
Because there’s war, and fighting, and the bad guy often wins
So you have to find some comfort in the smallest little things
There’s shouting and there’s stealing, there are mortgages to pay
But that’s a grown-up thing and you are still a kid today
The prospects for society are turning for the worst
The environment is suffering and might not be reversed
But at least the nasty kid who makes every day so rough
In thе end, gets hit by karma which will kinda make you laugh
[Pre-Chorus: OR3O]
And surе the future’s looking pretty grim
The light on the horizon is pretty dim
But you’re a kid and all of life is still ahead of you
Unlike the ninety-something guy who caught the avian flu[Chorus: CG5 & OR3O]
Life ain’t perfect, it’s… muh
Some bits are okay, but most of it’s- eh..
Life ain’t perfect it’s… meh
You gotta find the good that’s in this great big load of- phtt…[Verse 3: CG5, OR3O, ]
And yes, the more you work on it, the worse it seems to get
Looking at the news can make you break out in a sweat
[Bridge: OR3O as Alan]
Tell me how’s all that supposed to make me feel better?
My life’s unraveling just like threads pulled from a sweater
There’s no sunshine in my future, it is gray, desaturated
Tell me why I shouldn’t feel so deflated[Verse 4: CG5]
Because… Because!
If you stop halfway up the mountain, you will never see the view
When you look how far you’ve climbed, you’ll find the courage to pull through
You’ll wonder how on Earth you can put up with all of this
Then you’ll come across a memory of perfect bliss
[Outro: CG5, OR3O, ]Take my hand, and you will find,

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