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Central Cee – There's Truth In the Lies Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Central Cee – There's Truth In the Lies Lyrics.

Central Cee – There's Truth In the Lies Lyrics

Part I

Cench, I’m so sad, and so, so mad at your false promises
You were supposed to link me yesterday
And, what happened?
So upset with you friend

Without your love, feelin’ suicidal, but I keep my head up
Without the pounds, couldn’t count on you, that’s why I need my bread up
I told everyone, “I cut her out, I can’t be seen with her”
She said I’m a slut, don’t give a fuck, I agree with her
Travel ’round the world and you’re the only one that’s on my mind
You make me wanna come back home right now, commit a homicide
Treat you like the other side, treat you like you’re not my wife
Fuck you like a slut, I can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout the other night
There’s truth in the lies
You didn’t even seem to care when I blew through a five
I took you shopping, we was copping them shoes in your size
I kept it real with you because I thought you wouldn’t mind
Baby, if I knew you’d act like that, I would save you the stress
I don’t wanna see you mad like that, bae, you make me regret
I’m takin’ back all what I said, let me pay my respect
Press the button, let’s restart to the day that we met
I done you wrong and now you’re cold
I swear you’re stone cold
You got me looking through my contacts for my old hoes
I like your post but I’m picturing you with no clothes
I hit you up, you block my number, now the phone goes –

…to the EE voicemail
I’m sorry, but the person you’ve called, is not available
Please leave your message after the tone
After you finished your message, just hang up
For even more options, please press 1

Part II

Wherever I’m at, I got time for you bae
I know it get’s hard, we’re on different time zones and shit
But it helps we’re both young in the public eye and we live similar lifestyles
I’m on tour right now
I got you on my mind when I’m doing my soundcheck
Text me and tell me that you’re horny, then use your vibrator ’cause I ain’t in town yet
I’ll be right back

You’re the first one that I check when I land in London
I swear I came straight from Heathrow
Pick up the phone and I Faceime shorty
As soon as I put my suitcase in the Vito
I relate to the kids outside
Just keeping up fuckery, I came from zero
My hood ain’t the same since F Dot passed
My darg was the neighborhood hero
Ups and downs right now, it’s a steep hill
Like a treadmill on the maximum incline
I’m fatigue and my calves are aching
Shit goes wrong, we find a solution
You get in a mood and start complaining
Appreciate that you didn’t leave
‘Cause I know it ain’t easy, I’m hard to stay with
I’m not used to the fact I got accolades
When you check out my past, it’s failures
You’re the first one that I –

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