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Masterminds Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Masterminds Lyrics.

Masterminds Lyrics

CashClick Boog & Rio Da Yung OG
(Fresco, that’s cold)

[Verse 1: CashClick Boog]
Drunk a six ounce of Wock’, my whole pop polluted
Tell the feds free Gunna Man, they tryna stop the movement
My bitch into doin’ fraud and prostitution
Hop out in a tailormade suit like the mobsters do it
Used to watch Paid N Full, that was my influence
What’s the point of havin’ soldiers ’round and don’t know how to use ’em?
Bitch, you pull that strap out, best know how to use it
Gucci scarf wrapped around my head, but I’m not a Mus—
(A what?), I mean I’m not a Muslim
Just sold a hundred ‘bows of loads, I do not be woofin’
I can berak down the AR and not be lookin’
When I pop them pink Percs, my eyes get crooked
Me and Los found the secret sauce, we masterminds
Rio’s tryna buy all the drink, I gotta stash some lines
Pull through the hood, jump out and dap my slimes
I be feelin’ like we all we got half the time
Ask somebody else to hit they weed, I ain’t passin’ mine
Pour a deuce in the peach Crush, I never had this kind
Seen an opp with his kids, he get a pass this time
Then seen him by hisself, that’s his ass this time
[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
Dog thought he was gettin’ off, I had a mag this time
Was ridin’ with a brick and a Draco, but the strap was mine
Last time I seen Boogs, we drunk red, I got Act’ this time
Cook my dope in expensive water, it was alkaline
Just know a nigga disrespect me and a Glock gettin’ upped
The apple don’t fall far from the tree, my pops’ll bust
You can leave gas at the gas station, but the pop’s a must
Sorry if I had an attitude, I was Wocky’d up
Bro, please don’t get your fuckin’ head bust with that cocky stuff
I need a cleanup on aisle five, she just mopped me up
Shit I don’t want her pussy, the top enough
Before I bought my son an outfit, I was dressin’ choppers up
I got seven ice trays on my neck, but I’m hot as fuck
If you ain’t sellin’ dope, you can’t stand on the block with us
Last nigga disrespected me, somebody popped him up
I don’t know who did that shit, I’m in the O countin’ guala up
Every thirty days, I put a hundred thousand up
And I’ll sell you some adlibs for three thousand bucks
Listen, bae, I ain’t tryna fuck with your childish butt
Caught them niggas sittin’ on the strip and shot McDonald’s up

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