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Children of the Wind Lyrics

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Children of the Wind Lyrics

Carolyn Maitland
Empty rooms
Once loud and crowded
Now just standing by
All the mixed-up memories
Times to dance and cry

Sometimes we don’t love things
Till we tell them, “goodbye”
My first home here
My home here
We’re children of the wind
Blown across the earth
Pieces of the heart
Scattered worlds apart
So far from those we love
All the children of the wind

Therе’s a morning I want someday to see
All the children of my childrеn are there
And they’re very, very noisy
Running through my kitchen

And we’ve been there
For a lifetime
And I’ll know then
They will never be

Children of the wind
Longing for a home
Half a world away
We have made our way

Great ships and iron trains
‘Cross the seas and plains
Take us to the day
Bring us to the shore
No more
The children of

The wind

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