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New Year Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you New Year Lyrics.

New Year Lyrics


New Year
Feel di New Year (Wah?)
New Year (Brr, ooh-ooh)
Feel di New Year (Yo)
New Year (Catch yah one yah)
Feel di New Year (Hahaha)
New Year (Busy, ooh)
Brand new year, still ah roll wid di matic
Nuh bagga long chat if a nuh money a di topic
Badmind, nuff a da vehicle inna traffic
Dutty heart, coconut water, still cyaan wash it (Feel di New Year)
Mi circle get smaller, hustle harder
More money, dat’s di harder
Mi love di US but di [?], it broader
Investment, real estate over Prada (New Year)
Rich gyal to mi ting, well independent
Yuh nuh depend pon nuh bwoy fi pay yuh rent

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