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Dynamo! Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Dynamo! Lyrics.

Dynamo! Lyrics


That the real Nimbus was already here![?][verse 1]My twizzy stay posted, yeah he keep it on the down low
If I lose my focus, cause I’m focused on the bankrolls
Rolling like a Stone(r), I’m in the hills with a challenger
And your girl is brazy, man, it’s so hard just to manage her
[verse 2]No I don’t smoke dope, not bald, but I’m Mr. Clean
He Brave and he Bold he an Opium mystery
Oppas tryna run up, they get turned to modern history
And I told your girl that I loved her boundlessly[verse 3]
Bray-K making songs without a chorus, he a shining star
Know I’m only young, they call me Tana, cause I’m going far
This song not dynamic so I’m finna switch it up
M6 with the perc, my Brothers, thеy booted up
If I see the money thеn I’m finna run it up
Colder than Lucki, but I promise this ain’t luck (gang)

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