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Gift Raps Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Gift Raps Lyrics.

Gift Raps Lyrics

We gift raps to folks tryna keep they lives intact
‘Til our backs give we continue to give back
Now, stay strong

[Verse 1]
Underappreciated, concealing my feelings while my lanterns are becomin’ jaded
From the straight [?] path what many have deviated
Eternal conflicts, God sense has mediated
Before my self esteem depreciated
You saw yourself in me ‘fore my luster completely faded
And chose to show me love, which I secretly awaited
Dangerous to deny it, ’cause others try to feed you hatred
Love feeds my soul when I come up with these poems
And treat people how I wish they treat my people here at home
Every song is a blessing or a weapon when we need it
We lose ourself within it, finding hope when we’re defeated
We don’t always get a thank you but we’re thankful nonetheless
For the few that show us gratitude when giving you our best
‘Nother one from us at [?], humble bars over winter breaks
Rockin’ out your interface while riding down the interstate
Anyway, we pray the state we in isn’t permanent
Hard to make room for anything that isn’t pertinent
The life some have stayed through our music is [?]
Is an alternative to all these politicians and journalists
Not at all, [?], and had to work with it
The racism and the pandemic
I’m still encouraging
Got a gift, I find a [?] weaken me
Amplify compassion when others can’t find the decency
Ain’t gotta wait ’til Christmas, I share it frequently
Think I’m all taught, but I’m all ears when they speak with me
I’m just tryna vibrate at a higher frequency
Show the world why my folks believe in me, believe you me
This weight I carry is heavy but keeps me balanced
Never one to cower and run when I see a challenge
Eatin’ what I killed then I clean my teeth with my talons
Teach my people to trade as I feed my fam with my talent
When people try to put you in boxes like mail-in ballots

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