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Intro (One Wish) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Intro (One Wish) Lyrics.

Intro (One Wish) Lyrics

Ride out Entertainment
You get me
Pure greaze
All my shooters can relate
Pick your burner and ride out
**** chats some pure greaze
Know the ting
Really do this ting properly, you get me

[Verse 1]
Yo yo listen, If I had one wish
It would be to kill **** and get away with it
**** got hit with the 12 gauge
Next time bet the hollows are taking him
Did a graveyard shift on my strip
You know the Fartown boys been breaking it
I left that booting to bro 100% that man’s got faith in him
I ain’t gonna lie anytime that I slide my intentions are diffеrent
Shotgun in the passengеr seat
I ain’t trying to slap these sweets at pigeons
16 in the Glock 19
You don’t wanna see me click it
You don’t wanna see AD or GR with the 38. spinning (Spin ting)
Anytime that F-Block pull up (Anytime)
Someone them sides get done up
Had a mash at my No Point video
I beg one of them yutes try run up
Pull it back or flick off the switch
This M10 will lick off your wig
I don’t know why he raps on drill
I can’t name one fucking drill that he did
Yo, I can name 3 occasions
That I put bullets in paigons
Point-blank range I didn’t miss my wig
You know my aiming skill is outrageous
Anytime that I lift mine up
Man get slapped from the chest and up

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