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Blood Poolz Lyrics

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Blood Poolz Lyrics

Samples from Children of the Corn (1984)

We must sacrifice them both tonight
We will bring the Lord two by using one
Do not blaspheme, Malachai
You know not the laws. He speaks them only to me
I think not, Isaac
You are the one who’s lost favor with Him
He’s a God of blood and sacrifice, not ceremonies
Sacrilege! Down on your knees, heretic!
We’ll see how the Lord favors you
Don’t you sit there, seize him! Punish him, cut him down
I command you!
I am the word and the giver of His laws
Disobedience to me is disobedience to Him
Do it now or your punishment will be a thousand times…
A thousand deaths, each more horrible than the last
He will punish you. The God of hell will devour you
All of you!
[Verse One]
Bright red rum and blood on the mirror
Say my name three times and then I appear
My soul’s possessed like Damien the Omen
Turn off the lights and my eyes start glowing
Keep the candles lit, chant my rhymes in a séance
To curse your wicked Priest, perverted uncle and gay aunt
Show my girlfriend the strangest things she saw
When the moon came out I grew fangs and claws
So fuck it, bring it on if you want me
I’ll chill inside the graveyard drinking 40’s with zombies
I’m sick ya don’t wanna try my troops
Rip out your fucking eyes and make eyeball soup
So come and roll the dice
I’ll haunt your life like poltergeist
I’m the monster in horror movie holding a knife
Thugs rule, bust a slugs from the tool
Blood Poolz, you drown in many poolz[Chorus]
God bangs, bloody poolz motherfucka!
Blood Poolz motherfucka!
Many poolz[Verse Two]
I killed my wife now I’m realizing I love her
So I dug her grave so I can lay with her and hug her
I’m a killer by night, lunatic inside the asylum
Strap ’em to the electric chair flip the switch and fry ’em
Mathematic fanatic, sporadic with automatic
You don’t want no static
I got a ghost inside my attic
So don’t sleep, I’ll reappear in your dreams
Like a Freddy Krueger scene, no one responds to your screams
Your tears leave your pillow wet
I ain’t killed you yet
All you left behind is your chalk my silhouette
Sending you to hell may Lucifer be with you
For the sins you’re committing false God that you submit to
If your kids’ are missing better check the obituary
For my own mother got beef then that bitch will get buried
Go worship in the ground that I walk, prowl when I stalk
I’m a beast that’s why I fucking growl when I talk
[Chorus] x2[Verse Three]
Look at my face it resembles the moon when it glows
I’m responsible for The Exorcism of Emily Rose
You’re a lying fraud, I’m defying the odds
Sublime, my rhymes are like a sign from God
No defects, I wasn’t amongst The Devil’z Rejects
No regrets, I’m the only one he accepts
I’ve been blessed with this curse of the heavens and Earth
To make it to paradise I gotta severe heads first
Light fires with Michael Myers on Friday the 13th
Chill with Freddy Krueger in my dreams on Elm Street
Gave Damien the Omen my soul to hold
But he sold it to the devil when he was six years old
Masturbate with Norman Bates in a hotel, I’m Psycho
Like Malachi in court holding a pitchfork and rifle
I’m an animal cannibal like Hannibal Lecter
I remember every man I killed but won’t resurrect ya[Chorus] x2

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