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BlueBucksClan – Remember Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you BlueBucksClan – Remember Lyrics.

BlueBucksClan – Remember Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jeeezy]
Five hundred on a shirt ’cause I ain’t have a tee (I ain’t have a tee)
I’m just thinkin’ how my life changed dramatically (Goddamn, Ten11)
All this money made my bitch don’t get mad at me (Don’t get mad at me)
All the bitches wanna hang, got a batch with me (Come alone)
Ball on niggas like the Park, ain’t no patchin’ me (Ain’t no patchin’)
Pop a pill, sippin’ drank, it’s relaxin’ me (I’m relaxed)
Flyin’ high like LaVine, yeah, Zachary (Zach LaVine)
I got hoes, I can swap ’em out if one mad (One mad)
Please tell me you ain’t satisfied with one bag (The fuck?)
I’m in traffic gettin’ top with the chair back (Chair back)
Finna bust it in her face like an airbag (Goddamn)
Your bitch looked me in the eyes, so I stare back (Stare back)
I’m in Cincinnati with it, I’m a Bearcat (Bearcat)
My bitch fuckin’ up, I’m finna send her hair back (Send it back)

[Verse 2: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Fendi snapped on my feet like a bear trap
Fresh ‘cut took two hours, I don’t wear hats (I don’t wear ’em)
Why you think I don’t got kids? I don’t bareback (No kids)
I just really want some top, put your hair back (Put your hair up)
Niggas tryna bring Dickies back, I can’t wear that (Never wear ’em)
I be sharin’ bitches, but this, you can’t have that (You can’t have this one)
Out of all the homies, I’m the one that share the most (I’m the one)
Runnin’ ’round hittin’ hoes like I’m Jarret Doege (Jarret Doege)
Givenchy short set four thousand, came with a coat (Four thousand)

[Verse 3: Jeeezy]
Relationships, you gon’ lose if you care the most (On God)
Deuce of Wock’ every day, that’s my daily dose (Daily dose)
Takin’ over in my city, movin’ like a ghost (Ghost)
Niggas hatin’, bitches suckin’, they can’t miss a post (I love it)

[Verse 4: BlueBucksClan DJ]
‘Member livin’ with my cousin for like fifty months (Fifty months)
Twelve kids, one house like the Brady Bunch (Brady bunch)
Fake cereal, pour it out the bag every lunch (Every lunch)
Had to ask my granny, “What the fuck is Fruity Crunch?” (What the fuck?)

[Verse 5: Jeeezy]
Had to ask my mama, “What the fuck is Berry Wheats?” (Fuck is this?)
‘Member sleepin’ on that floor for a hundred weeks (Hundred weeks)
Baby cousins cryin’ loud, I couldn’t go to sleep (Go to sleep)
Told myself, yeah, I’m done eatin’ Manwich meat (Yeah, I’m done)

[Verse 6: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Told myself I ain’t fryin’ no more sandwich meat (Yeah, I’m done)
Now it’s five-star plates, I can’t wait to eat (I can’t wait)
Now I got a driver just to get from A to B (From A to B)
Now I’m that nigga all these bitches pay to see (Bitches pay to see)
BucksClan, we them niggas, yeah, we strangle beats (Strangle beats)
When they ask who that nigga, you remain in your seat (Remain in your seat)
I ain’t even want this bitch, man, she came to me (She came to me)
Told her that I gotta have it like Jermaine Dupri (Jermaine Dupri)

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