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Legendary Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Legendary Lyrics.

Legendary Lyrics

(Baby E made this beat)
(And if the beat live, then you know LilJuMade it)

[Chorus: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Running up them blue bills, Devin Singletary (Running up them blue bills)
She got on thousand dollar heels if you seen her near me (Thousand dollar heals)
You too hyped about these hoes that I hit already (You too hyped)
I’m the flyest if you look it in the dictionary (Dictionary)
New bitch, this ain’t the same one you seen already (Ain’t the same)
I’m at home with the maid, yeah, the kitchen dirty (In the kitchen)
When I’m old and I’m gone, it’s gon’ be legendary (When I’m old)
Make sure it say I had the hoes in my obituary (I had the hoes)
Put my bones on the mannequin in Fendi, fuck a cemetery (Fuck a—)
[Verse 1: Jeeezy]
Hang my jersey in the rafters of Rodeo, flyest nigga ever (Flyest nigga ever)
Pop the addy in Google maps, now I feel like I can go wherever (Go wherever)
All these niggas asking about some little bitches that I can’t remember (The fuck?)
Big foreign, V12, it got dual pipes (Dual pipes)
No plug, no deal, I pay full price (I pay full price)
Had the top in ten minutes, can’t stay full nights (Can’t stay full nights)
It ain’t even been a whole day, we drank a full pint (Hell nah)
I’m the flyest nigga in this bitch, you can see the feathers (See the feathers)
I don’t even know what I just po’d, I ain’t even measure (Even measure)
Feeling down, I go shopping, now I’m feeling better (Feeling better)
Got a pair of bitches tryna top me, that’s a double header (Double header)
Thousand dollar jacket but to you it’s just a silly sweater (Little sweater)
Remember I ain’t have it, now I’m ballin’ like I’m Willie Weathers (Nigga ballin’)[Verse 2: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy]
More piling in, it keep falling, tryna stack it better (It keep falling)
I’m in Saint Laurent, think I’m falling for this satin sweater (Satin sweater)
Thousand dollar shoes, yeah, they patent leather (Patent leather)
Yeah I know that’s your bitch but I can hit whenever (I’m with your bitch)
Big foreign hogging space, park this shit wherever (Park wherever)
Big ‘Wood, give a fuck, spark this shit wherever (I don’t give a fuck)
Clipper game, Doc Rivers told me, “Sit wherever” (Sit wherever)
My bitch hate when I’m with DJ, lot of hoes when we get togetherr (Get together)
Never needed help when I’m in Gucci putting fifths together (Fifths together)
She ain’t really got no ass, but she bad, I’m fucking missionary (I think she bad)
Thinking she the one, she ain’t even knowing this shit temporary (Shit temporary)
She ain’t even do no wrong, left her on the tenth of February (On the tenth)
Where the cameras? Clan tearing down this booth, this shit legendary (This shit legendary)
Talk a lot of shit but very well spoken to the banker clerking (Talking clearly)
Talking loud so these broke ass niggas in the back can hear me (Lil’ nigga)
[Verse 3: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy]
Talking loud so them niggas hear this shit through the door (Through the door)
Tell the hoes, “Shhh”, when my bitch call, I can’t ignore (Shh)
Asking me about another bitch, yeah, I used to know her (Yeah, I used to know her)
I was lost for words, caught me cheating, alright, moving forward (Moving forward)
Got some solid hoes, damn, I need to come to Houston more (This is straight)
I ain’t got no answer when my bitch ask, “What you do it for?” (I don’t know)
In the city I’m like ‘Bron, I’m the nigga that they rooting for
(Yeah, they love me)

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