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Ragin Sturdy Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Ragin Sturdy Lyrics.

Ragin Sturdy Lyrics

(Thank you Jack)

[Verse 1: binszn & Lil Dzack]
(woo!) (woo!) (woo!)
Jack invented a new sound (ah, ah)
Drill this shit into the ground (woo!)
Yeah this bitch is so profound
You a bozo, you a clown (clown, clown, clown)
(woo!) (woo!)
Rage then I get sturdy (uh huh)
Bad bitch she be flirty
See me gettin’ bread, I know it be hurtin
Yo jack, how you make this beat?
Our last one was a hit, call this a repeat[Verse 2: Waffle-O & Lil Dzack]
(ah, ah)
Yeah I’m Ragin’ Sturdy
Yeah your bitch is flirty
Just popped a perc 30 (ah)
Now I’m racing derby(what)
All the bitches want me
In the cord playing WWE (what) (what) (woo!)
Yeah, fuck it up (ah, ah)
Yeah your Momma, she got to my house and she suck it up (uh)Yeah I had to bring it back

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