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Black Roses (Bigg Jus & El-P’s Brooklyn Heatwave Mix) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Black Roses (Bigg Jus & El-P’s Brooklyn Heatwave Mix) Lyrics.

Black Roses (Bigg Jus & El-P’s Brooklyn Heatwave Mix) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It’s the atom splitting novelist
The sub-level anatomical omnipotent, circle squared nautilus
Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade, you don’t want us to roll out the red carpet
It won’t be no pretty dress up night at the Oscars
Señor Kingspitter Habanero, Mr. Scotch Bonnet
With the audacity of a pit bull humping a hippopotamus
In a century of self Freudian’s cousin spittin’ ad nauseam
365 days of PR, 120 days of Sodom
60 ways to privatize, 50 ways to Gaddafi ’em
Maritime admiralty law from the birth canal to the coffin
In a rowboat, just UCC and your strawmen
Black’s law etymologist against the full metal alchemist
Caught between the gravitational pull of two hadron magnets
Ripping apart the periodic table in search of the God particle
A hideous ecstasy of vindictiveness and famine
Fiendishly synthesizing the human genome sequence
Then smash the frequency ’till it’s stuck in on this bandwidth
Win the Nobel Peace Prize for painting the perfect picture of what man is
Phantom menace, the latest in Orwellian cameras

[Verse 2]
Black roses on your casket
Let you know who’s a thorn in your side
Even in the afterlife, post-apocalyte
Death by 1000 paper cuts, night of the long knives
Where life is cheaper than a dollar store sale at half price
Fukushima rap thyroid need potassium iodine
Snow bunnies turn lime green, Nigerian Snow White
Just because you lead a just life and been thoroughly Romanized
Through a false sense of reasoning developed a sense of morality out of a lie
You’ve been tricked like a frontside heel flip to nose grind
It’s the good Shepherd and his flock of sheep
In the name of liberty and freedom battling under the Cross of Constantine
In George Lucas surround anamorphic widescreen
Closed captioned so even the deaf can scream
On the way to the slaughter house to make a fresh batch of Soylent Green wafers
Butcher’s apron a pound of flesh for the payment
Black pyramid, blued eyed sphinx out in Vegas
Top gear, Lion head, I ain’t no idle threat
Do 0-60 instantly, catch giraffe neck
Welcome to the same damn circus, different clown men

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