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EBGK Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you EBGK Lyrics.

EBGK Lyrics

[Verse 1: BIG30]
Them niggas talk shit behind keyboards, don’t even come outside (They don’t)
Draco come wit’ switch by the handle, don’t get your ass fried
I got boys that as high as 32 but as low as 25
Don’t believe in drive by, I walk up and let you see them fryin’
Trackhawk wit’ a 50 (Pheww, blrrrd) you know how we slide
Exotic Glock came wit’ the pot (Pheww), this bi’ hold 55
I’m strapped at shows, try me get shot (Strap)
We let off in the crowd
You gotta know that these hollows hot (Blrrrd)
And my young niggas wild
Blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd

[Verse 2: Pooh Shiesty]
Blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd
We caught our man, you ain’t shoot it, I told you to take the shot
You know me I’m too official, I’m ridin’ wit’ you right or not
[?] me hellcat smashin’, out in traffic with the lady thot
These goofy bitches, my inbox pop out shit got the latest drop
I was too anxious up on these missions, I left on my watch
Cartier my diamonds keep on glistenin’ when I chase the clock
Yea’ you was my day one, but at night he turned into a cop
No beef in the streets, these niggas riding see [?] fuck ’em

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