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Ghetto Choppa Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Ghetto Choppa Lyrics.

Ghetto Choppa Lyrics

[Intro: Big Choppa]
(David Wesson)
Choppa, Choppa
Choppa, Choppa
Fuck goin’ on, man
(You recordin’, Smerf?)
Choppa, Choppa
Let me talk my shit
[Verse 1: Big Choppa]
Big Choppa, big pistols, we drop big bodies
Gang only, I don’t know you, you can’t get by me
Hundred on me, Glock 40 and a stick by me
So if them people ever get me, it was a hit probably
Nigga, wait, I make murder music
Load your chopper, catch your slide, you can murder to it
Whole city know I’m ’bout it, I ain’t gotta prove it
Caught an opp lackin’, upped that strap, then I got to shootin’
Bitch, wait, oh, you a dead man
Chopper bullets make your Charger do a handstand
We got drums like a band, I’m a bandman
Shoot a nigga dead in his shit for tryna grandstand
Nigga, pussy, these niggas overrated
Time to takе the city over, I been too impatient
Smokеd a nigga in his prime, they gon’ say we hated
Dropped a nigga, free to talk about it, somethin’ like the greatest

[Verse 2: Peezy]
Ayy, I hang with all menaces
Gettin’ money right now, so I ain’t gotta reminisce
Told my ho when she get up, come meet me at the dealership
Standin’ tall, you don’t know the shit that I been dealin’ with
Just sent my dog a Cash App, he on your ass now
Bitches keep callin’ me cute, I got a bag now
I’m in Warren and Conner projects in a ragtop
Like a six-four, I hit the switch and make your ass drop
Old white lady just told me, “You got a bad watch”
Two-carat solitaires, they was a half block
My nigga ran off and left me in a bad spot
Now I’m countin’ so much pape’, I’m finna pass out
Put them choppers in the car, we ’bout to mash out
Boy, if brodie ‘nem get on your ass, you can’t hide out
Doggy fightin’ a body in the county, finna ride out
I don’t feel like goin’ down the way, I’m shootin’ mines out
[Verse 3: Rio Da Yung OG]
I can get mad and put a chirp on your head, nigga
Jump out with a switch and then frrt, now you dead, nigga
Only time I’m drinkin’ cream soda when it’s red in it
Just dropped a new Benz, tryna get some new head in it
Forehead shots, I’m with the boogie man
I got a new plug, eighteen hundred for the Cookie strand
Me and Ray slidin’, not a ‘Hawk, in a minivan
Reese jumped out with the Glock, damn, the fully jammed
Tizzle got a gun that’ll stretch you like a rubber band
Bitch, stop goin’ live actin’ extra, this a hundred bands
Seventy-five hundred for a verse, bitch, I’m Uncle Sam
Nigga gettin’ too close in the club, had to punch a fan
I’ll jump out with this AR when the sun out
Had a funny feeling, somethin’ told me bring my gun out
We the ones known for turning niggas’ cribs to haunted houses
Had to tell Lil Tay ‘nem chill, they really shot about a hundred houses[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG]
Naw, that’s no cap, nigga, them niggas shreddin’ everything
Them lil’ niggas crazy, man, they hittin’ shit, dog
This shit— naw, I’m just playin’, dog, we ain’t on that
I be just rappin’, bro, and you know that
Tryna make this shit sound good, we ain’t on that
Okay, you got it, bro, if you jump out bustin’, we ain’t gon’ blow back
Hell nah, nigga, we don’t carry illegal guns
Nigga, I can’t be around that, I’m on fed bond
Naw, for real
Boyz in this bitch, nigga, you know what the fuck goin’ on
The ghetto free, this a Ghetto Choppa
Durag around the top, this a ghetto chopper

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