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Byrdy Returns Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Byrdy Returns Lyrics.

Byrdy Returns Lyrics

Byrdy has now returned everyone
I am back After months, no more waiting
Time for some shit
Some real good shit, today is a interesting way to come back…

[Verse 1]
Byrdy returns comin’ with different burns
Hit a wrong turn with little to no concern
It doesn’t take a genius to learn Socialism
Mix my brain up with drugs, just a whole new coalition
Had a bad trip with intense visions
Don’t worry about my decision
You should look out, cuz’ we just destroyed your entire division
All unemployed, just found my next mission
I ain’t missin’ shit, you’re just trippin’ dick
I guess I’ll see you in the next bit
[Verse 2]
Soviet gang coming through
We about to hang your wholе crew
Ain’t got shit to do, Elon makin’ our balls go blue
If I had to choose, I’d kill thе last few of you
Cook you up like mushroom stew
Time flew by fast, but we gonna last
Despise my past self, probably need help
I still say fuck the government
We should shoot whoever’s runnin’ it
I came back with new knowledge
Don’t take the wrong message, this shit ain’t a bondage
But to be honest you’re the hostage
We only live in pure garbage
Only the blockage to the real truth[Outro]
SGBox, congrats on coming out tho and seriously this beat is beautiful
Now I’ll see everyone laterIf I sound dead, I’m very sleepy deprived and I am sorry

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