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How Can I Call This Home? Lyrics

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How Can I Call This Home? Lyrics

I go to bed at night
Hoping, when I wake
This will all be gone
Like it was just a dream
And I’ll be home again
Back again in Brooklyn
Back with people who look like I do
And talk like I do
And think like I do
But then
The sun rises in Atlanta again
These people make me tense
I live in fear they’ll start a conversation
These people make no sense:
They talk and I just stare and shut my mouth
It’s like a foreign land
I didn’t understand
That being southern’s
Not just being in the south
When I look out on all this
How can I call this
La la la la in the land o’ cotton…

These men belong in zoos
It’s like they never joined civilization
The jews are not like jews
I thought that jews were jews but I was wrong
I thought I would be fine
But four years down the line
With ev’ry word it’s very clear I don’t belong
I don’t cuss, I don’t drawl
So how can I call this home?
Home calls and I’m free of the southern breeze
Free of magnolia trees, and endless sunshine!Evermore
Evermore lives the dream lives the dream
Of Atlanta, of Atlanta
But not mine!
Not mine!
We stand together
A yankee with a
College education
In the great
Who, by his own design, state of Georgia!
Is trapped inside the land
That time forgot! Strong
And proud!
I’m trapped inside this life
And trapped beside a wife
Who would prefer that I say
“Howdy!”, “Not shalom!
Well, I’m sorry, Lucille
But I feel what I feel
And this place is surreal
So how can I call this

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