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Don’t Trip Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Don’t Trip Lyrics.

Don’t Trip Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Can?t help it if someone?s talking at me
What?s wrong with him asking my name
Chill out you don?t have to get so heated
Your jealous ways are driving me insane

(Build 1)
What is all this doubt and wonder
I?m not giving out my number(Hook)
Don?t trip
Take hold of yourself
Get a grip
There is nobody else
I won?t slip
You should know when I?m
Kissing your lips
I ain?t going no where
So don?t trip
(Verse 2)
You?re always playing, 20 questions
Who I?m with and where have I been
You?re using up all my cell phone minutes
I?ll be checking out if you keep checking in(Build 2)
I know it?s hard for you to trust
But you gotta believe in us(Hook)(Bridge)
We?re so good together
Growin? closer everyday
Baby all your pressure

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