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BabyDrill – Blood Bath Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you BabyDrill – Blood Bath Lyrics.

BabyDrill – Blood Bath Lyrics

See, I was raised different, pops went missing
As the man of the house, gotta take care the fam, but I can’t let the opps get me
Mama cryin’ on the phone, she think I’ma let ’em kill me
I told her couldn’t leave without that fire, this shit here part of livin’
Most of my day ones dead, I ain’t got too many left
Damn, I miss Lil Quay for real, Frank seen his last breath
I got up on my knees and talked to God ’bout like an hour
Huh, rock out for Rock, I told my nigga I got him, shit here ours
Just found out my sister got like five months left to live
She can hardly hear, I swear I can’t take this shit for real
Can’t let her see me break down, I swear I be hidin’ all my tears
Man, fake love, fake love, how the fuck I ‘posed to feel?
I love Lil Quan to death, he know I’ma rock out ’bout him for real
And we cried inside that car together before we caught that kill
Hard times, then some extra, bitch, we slept inside that trap together
Slide in any weather, told my dog I’m rockin’ out forever, I got you
I miss my dog, I wish I could bring him back, but I know I can’t
Look in the mirror, I shed some tears, but that’s part of the game
I lost hope so many times, but I couldn’t show the gang
Spread some blood behind your name

Bloodbath, bloodbath, a bloodbath
And every time they speak on you, I’ma make sure they bleed, shorty
And every time I see an opp, I’ma make sure I squeeze, shorty
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love all my dogs
Even though your ass in heaven, you better pick up the phone
Shit, I’ma see you when I leave, but I pray that I don’t

(Bloodbath, bloodbath, bloodbath)

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