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Lover Boy Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Lover Boy Lyrics.

Lover Boy Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
I’m a surfer
Tryna get my lover
I’m a really get it double
I said baby I’m a lover
I try to see it on my lover
I was seeing on my lover
I think I’m bleeding on my lover
You know I’m scheming on my…. I got
Yeah, I told bae I’m a biggest lover
I try to start on something new
I try to make it double
You know them triples coming fast
Gonna make it huddle
You know niggas going levels tryna shake a style
Gonna make it to the better, tryna make it flight
You know it better if shawty, tryna make it fight
You know it’s real when it kills to make it feel
You know we can tell the world like we on the build

I’m a lover boy
Cheat a little that’s a lover boy
You know that Virgo gonna be a lover boy
But I didn’t make it so I’m a make straight
You know we tryna get fair
You know we together like the kenan & kel
You know we put it in the air
Put them fingers in the air
Cause we don’t really care[Verse]
You know them niggas shooting
You know these niggas cooping
You know them niggas charging me
And he got a fucking Uber
You know niggas stood it
You know I’m tryna ruin
You know I’m make pursuing
Make it to the better Cooper
You know I’m loving know
You know that shawty I be within
You know I’m trying style
She know she got that attitude but I love it now
She know she do her done and her nails ow
She said ew what that nigga say
Tryna get a double play
I’ll fuck you up any day what you wanna stay
Call me on the big lumps
I can’t even TikTok
And on the lift up
Tryna get a sniff of
On that cap pack
All I know is snap that
You know we can get the premium like Snapchat
You know we act that
What you wanna cat fact
You know we Sqvad til the end
What you at at
Take that
I’m a lover boy
I’m not a fighter I’m a lover boy
She know she digging on my lover boy
I think a body on the lover boy
Shit I’m a lover boy

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