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Awful Friend Lyrics

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Awful Friend Lyrics

Verse 1:
I hope this doesn’t rub you off the wrong way
But I was always picked on before I slay
Like I now know that all my friends just bullied me
And I’m still learning about myself you see
But it’s hard to learn about yourself from others
When you don’t have others to learn about yourself from

First my friend lived down the street from me
And he was with the sports kids and I was left to be
Then one day I met Matthew and we started playing tag
It was really just a two man crew all in the bag
We sometimes had thе street kid over but not in the sun
Then othеr people joined and that’s when it was fun
Then one day it fell apart
The sides of the street switched and I was apart and now a baller
I was a rook the final game I cashed a mid range dollar
Then it was the next day and when I went to sit they brought me to their spot
I was surprised then and I still wasn’t hot
But then that’s when it was to late
I never talked after that 6th grade to the eight
Where I sat by the team until highschool
That’s when we didn’t talk and I wasn’t cool
Then I was left all alone until the streets connected
And I finally became friends with him
It was built up for so long but now it wasn’t grim
I wanted to get into rap even more and separated from everyone else
I met people and the subs increased like cells
And I left my friends for a bit but that was enough…Chorus:
How come (3x)
You can be a good person, great guy, and a awful friend
Just how come (2x)
You can be a great person, good guy, and an awful friendVerse 2:
Just why do I not have many friends
I guess all things have to come to an end
Out of nowhere I start to be rude
Now I need to start back with the dudes
I have so many options
But unlike hot moms they aren’t in my area
Its like my mouth caught a case of the Malaria
I say the wrong thing and I start to offend
Should I start to type now with my off hand
There’s just so much more that I could say
But that’s why I want the pay
Don’t get on my side because it sounds like I want pity
I’m not in the right place not even a city
I don’t want to make this too long so I ain’t being fast
But I didn’t lose any friends when I smacked ass
I want to apologize but how do I talk to Heaven
God’s right there but I’m not sure about my brethrenI’m about to go off topic
But let’s not forget about my tropic
I want it to all be good and calm
But there’s violence and fires on the palm
Like my friendships in my palm is how it burned
They never go to me like the tables have turned
It’s currently alright got a student but I ain’t set
I just don’t think he has game love yet
I just always get told no
And all I want to knowChorus:
How come (3x)
You can be a good person, great guy, and a awful friend
Just how come (2x)
You can be a great person, good guy, and a very awful friend

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