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Left it Alone Lyrics

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Left it Alone Lyrics

We should’ve left this world alone
Wish we would’ve left and took a wrong turn (X4)

We ain’t have no business
Pretending like this could’ve existed
Pretending like you one my bitches
Before it started it was over
But I still proceeded forward
And my people looking at me
My, my people looking at me
They watching like “this nigga is tripping”
I had a photo album full of your pictures
Was it drugs, or was I just in my feelings?
I was, deep in emotion
High doses of oxytocin
You’ll never notice the surface
Bеneath it I’m Scorpio-in
I’m stroking your bitch and your bitch
Your bitch, your bitch and your bitch
Shooting shots like Stojaković
She rеspond and its over with
Gambling with no poker chips
Scrambling like Mahomes n shit
Whamming it off the backboard
I’m slamming my own assist
I, I needed her right now, I needed her right now
The arrival of my child
I’ll eventually pipe down
But I, still needed affection
In the eyes of my beloved, I see a reflection
Heartbreak after heartbreak
Shit kept going left
Like I, needed directions
Is monogamy for the broke?
Is misogyny just a joke?
If I tweet these words its a note
But if its in a rap, its a quote
I’m the GOAT
We should’ve left this world alone
Wish we would’ve left and took a wrong turn (X4)[Verse: 2]We should’ve left that night
And not accept demise
But I accept responsibility
For my crimes
And I salute, the couples that can’t be two
Celebrities in the same house
Without causing too much embarrassment
Ain’t no keeping no secrets
My nigga, this ain’t the sabbath(?)
Everything is on the internet
Honesty is everything
Honestly I tell my woman everything
Shit probably too much
I wallowed in lust
The hollowest clubs
The treacherous streets
The models I fucked
I bottled it up
Like fuck tomorrow
Cuz tomorrows not a topic, to me
See she gonna follow off a follow
Gassin up at the BP
Hit the throttle, semi auto on me while I’m on P street
On the mean streets, she a neat freak
In the sheet sheets we don’t get sleep
Well if you’re single is it a sneak?
Is it a link?
Is it a creep?
I’m in Aventura, words to Ace Ventura
You gon vent to her
I’m gon raise her temperature
Off the deep end till the ship sink
Then its sinking
Gotta let the dream in[Chorus]
We should’ve left this world alone
Wish we would’ve left and took a wrong turn (X4)

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