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B.B. Jacques-Par amour (English translation) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you B.B. Jacques-Par amour (English translation) Lyrics.

B.B. Jacques-Par amour (English translation) Lyrics

[Lyrics to “For Love”]

Hey, baby
We work while others sleep
We work while others eat[Verse 1]
Three bourbons later and I still feel so empty
Do you remember our bullshit at Syphax
Failing to write it in the sand
Your name I engraved in flint
I won’t give them your name
But I sing the syllables
And when we break the mouth
I romance idylls
While waiting for Jacques he gives
I get up, I line up three signs
It’s good, there’s the good Lord as the only idol
There are beautiful pеople in the corridor
On a whim I project mysеlf into her dream body
What she likes most about me when I’m borderline
[Verse 2]
I was this close to smoking the motherfucker who brought you the coke
I write to number 26 on a quai de Seine whose name I don’t know
Or maybe I know him
And that I refuse to say it
You never know if tomorrow I’ll crib there
I’ve been blessed, there’s no black magic
But nothing that’s dark
I don’t even have time to write on a sheet anymore
My job is daily
I wake up and I say to myself: “I have to fuck them”
They don’t have a quarter of my talent
I don’t have a third of their streams
B.B. Jacques a gifted boxer
A sensitive artist
Fuck off
Is there still love in sex?
Baby, there’s your blaze at the end of the film
You know, we killed the reu-beu
Before the end of the movie
I’m on my way, to the throne, there’s like a vacant seat
Coal, no holidays, I have to blow up the Awa Gang
A salam to Yotwiin, a salam to Hype but the DA I oversee it
I’m on my way to the throne, there’s like a vacant seat
Coal, no holidays, I have to blow up the Awa Gang
[Verse 3]
Good evening young man, wait, I have to explain to you
The phase on Alcatraz
Fuck off, you don’t have time, you have to move on
When you fall, you have to notice
I don’t have many people except my father
There’s the tower that shines, change of text
I look at her, I roll my teh
Alone, far from the movements of the crowd
Alone, like Limsa, talking to you
Look what I did out of hate imagine what I can do out of love
PDP, 2-2-2, from November 21 baby I have to announce it[Bridge]
Look what I did with my hate imagine what I can do for love
Conceived[Verse 4]
I don’t answer messages anymore, bro
They know that I work and I thank myself for the work
I found charm through her
Speed up, or slow down the traffic and it will be for another
The silver tower risotto
I wanted to find love before finding the money
I’m way too idealistic and I wonder what you say when you see couples strutting around
Don’t get me wrong, I praise the merits of Belgian rap but I come from Panama
You know there, where everyone is sulking
Where it’s expensive, but it’s beautiful
Trying to get out alone in the Seychelles, sah, I’m hesitating
Before, you had to talk to me to get to know me today they Shazam me
It seems that before it was hard
Especially with your name in Claire Chazal’s mouth
I don’t have Damien Chazelle’s genius
The irony is to draw a tree on paper then to tej’
You left a huge void, I fill in by writing sixteen
My album, a classic, people ask me “Kho, which one are you talking about?”

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