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B.B. Jacques- Boom Boom (English translation) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you B.B. Jacques- Boom Boom (English translation) Lyrics.

B.B. Jacques- Boom Boom (English translation) Lyrics

[Lyrics to “Boom Boom”]

One, two and fuck off
It’s not even over but it’s starting
It’s not the Jacques it’s a romance
Fuck off
We reissue we fuck you wAllah
[Verse 1]
A summer night during which I am looking for myself
I have to take some money from NBOW to leave alone
With me I took some prods and some ‘bottles
I rewrite Poetry of an impulse in a hotel room
LNSC took several hostages
NBOW Records on multiple floors
I work on various projects
I refused to put my pretty face on several covеrs
But what do I have left if not a pen and two or three principlеs
We’re not going to talk business again
I think everyone got it
That it’s me who injects
I have talent since I work on it
Charisma, we don’t talk about it, we release it
Fuck off
(If you don’t like it, it’s simple big you get out)
Loneliness is when you can eat whatever you want but no one can help you if you swallow wrong
In the absence of feelings, the bullets go through you
I hesitate to take shelter, the time of the downpour
Sometimes I find myself naive, tomorrow I’ll tighten the screw
And fuck poetry, in fact, I’m like everyone else, I just want to let go of “fuck your mother”
And by the way my name is Jacques because it was already taken “Fuck Your Mother”
I think you’re angry with others, eh
There are graves on which I would pour black Bird Sky
And I see the film of everything I did on a whim
I have 10 pages left to write and little tobacco
I saw you approaching with a semblance of empathy
Fuck off quality has a cost so I suffer
Less and less freedom like in 14
This summer I have to hibernate to come out fourteen
Dark circles since 2014
I didn’t need the peu-ra to hit me
And since three volumes, three pairs of slaps
I raise my head
I take it upon myself not to look at his pair of buttocks
Shit and why am I talking to you about this?
Beware of the bottle when it gets you so drunk
We did it with three francs, six sous
And a French stage name
By the time he rebuilds Beirut, I would go to Sicily (or not)
Eyes in the void, eyes towards far from here
Don’t worry, it’s okay, we have the right to be undecided
But it’s your fault motherfucker if you’re a fool
(And you’re a big ass hole huh)
And I’m already wondering if it’s still worth breaking my head
I’ve done damage to gows and guys
There are more people around
I deco’ the phone-tel
We meet in De Pijp, we go to the Vondel
We go to the Vondel
We find ourselves near De Pijp, we leave for the Vondel
LNSC is just the first brick
I have several steps left
She’s good the first take
To de-stress I do four more[Verse 2]
In truth, but what do I have to envy them?
The only merit I have is that of having left
Without being sure to come back whole
And do not believe the bullet hole that before my little-cli will teach you in six steps how to become an annuitant
But that’s how we’re all the same
Fuck off
My first merit is that of being not like them
My second of being uncommon
And my last to be little known

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