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Tell ‘Em Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Tell ‘Em Lyrics.

Tell ‘Em Lyrics

(Ayy, Geo got them bands, huh)
I just pulled up in that tonka with all of my friends (Huh, big skrrt)
Tell a fuck nigga that he cannot have what I have (Bitch no)
Tell a fuck nigga that he cannot have all my bread (Hell no)
Tell ’em, huh (Hu-uh), tell ’em, huh
Tell ’em, huh tell ’em, huh (Hu-uh)
I ain’t gonna switch on my bros (Bitch no)
And if I’m leanin’ I ain’t pourin’ no fours (Lean)
I’m with my slimes, with my twizzies, with my folks
You a stupid bitch, yeah, you really can go
I ain’t never writin’ writtens, this shit comin’ off the dome
I don’t see no competition, yeah, they know we up to blow (Hu-uh)
Yeah, you beautiful but I can see the ugly in your soul (Hu-uh)


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