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Spiders Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Spiders Lyrics.

Spiders Lyrics

Your breathing’ fine
My knees are like
Cuffin’ in your love
Just read my eyes, hips do lies
Comes from your heart

Can I get a fix on this?
Can I get a best of this?
Sundays ya’ ain’t that oldAnd a little fun is all the rest
So I climb your hills up through the Everest
Up these skies
Just keep my eyes
Cuffed from her love
But if there’s no sign
Ain’t no cryin’ sits in aboveCan I get a fix on this?
Can I get a best of this?
Mondays ya same and oldBut a little fun is always fine
Better gets your likely unbeliеving crimeAnd every timе you feed the spider around your neck
And every night you see the face above your neck
Turns around, and around
In a blissBut it keeps standing on my fingers bleeding
Tell me how I really leave this earth behind my eyes

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