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Black Lungs, Circle Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Black Lungs, Circle Lyrics.

Black Lungs, Circle Lyrics

Here’s my blackest lung
I gave it all to you up there, ha?
Hear the love I cuffed
The summer rain, the needle into your blood
In my dreams I had likely as a fire around the edge
But it seems you understand how I am against

Here’s my blackest lost
You never rain the day I felt it gone
You don’t know my name
But I’ve seen around the unknown shameCircles in the sun, carving far away from everyone
So I feed my cancer into loveWith your love I heal my wounds
To kill the pain you gave me long ago
I’m so scared of every thought
The drain is on my heart and I give up
So I give my head a rest
The silence always kills the reverenceAnd if I go up through a room again
You stay the same as I
But everything we ever tied
Is just way out of this time
At least I tried every blacken circle in the sun

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