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For Always Lyrics

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For Always Lyrics

Verse 1
I remember the times when you used to say
We’d be together forever and a day
But now it feels like life has gotten in the way
But still I reminisce in my own special way

I’m not ready to give this love up
I’m standing by to pick you up when times get rough
And you can save your pennies for a rainy day
I bet you every thing I got that I’m here to stay
For Always
And for forever and a day
I’m never gonna give you up
You’re never gonna make me stop
Loving you for alwaysVerse 2
Though we’ve severed to the edge of the precipice
The crazy things in life and this crazy circumstance
I’ll protect you
I’ll be right here by your side
Lift you out of the darkness
And let you shineIt doesn’t matter who tries to stand in our way
Crazy people and the crazy things they say
I’m the one you’ve dreaming of all your life
You’re the one I wanna be with till the end of timeFor always many summers come what may
Never gonna brake your heart
It’s gonna be till death do us part
Loving you for alwaysChorus
Loving you for always
For forever and a day
Till the end of time
You’ll always be mine
For always
For always
Many summers come what may
Till death do us part
Never gonna brake your heart
Loving you for always

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