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Disposable Everything Lyrics

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Disposable Everything Lyrics

Lately I’ve been getting down about greed and misery
Avarice and viciousness and insincerity
How don’t I be cynical when there is no relief?
Disposable everything
Since we were a child, we knew that water’s running out
Since we were a child, we knew what they should do about
The grinding down, the vicious gears, the gnashing of the teeth
Disposable everything, disposable everything (ooo)

Lately I’ve been feeling good and that makes me feel so bad
If happiness is finite, then I’ve had all I should have
Do I steal it from another? Does it come right out of me?
Disposable everything times three
Give my laughter to the children, give my sadness to the priest
Disposable everything, disposable everything, disposable everything
Why wouldn’t you talk to yourself if there’s no one left to talk to?
Disposable everythingLately I’ve been digging through the garbage with my son
My mother called it ‘mudlarking,’ we did it all for fun
Two humans living in a place that hates humanity
Disposable family. Disposable dignityDisposable holocene, disposable packaging, disposable TV screen
Disposable everything

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