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Koula Lila Revisited Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Koula Lila Revisited Lyrics.

Koula Lila Revisited Lyrics

Ahmed Soultan :

Galo lik ness , mousta7il
Twassel el hadaf dialek
Makayne lach, t3edeb rassek
Ya khouya rak ma wasselDazou 9bel menek nass
Bidoun natija
Dazou 9bel meni nass
O kan feker, yeah
Koula Lila, o koula nhar
Koula Lila, o koula nharMadd :Khelini mkemel tay9 x2
7elma wa radi n3ich m3aha ba9i baghi nchouf
Lyouma kayn ri bohdi w l’bareh kenna jouj
Kemel dakchi li bditi wakha ga3ma yfahmouk
Count on your self brother hna ga3ma yhezzouk
Ba9i ana w rassi jwan and hella melodies
Koula lila msayb disk play it on repeat
Kbert ou 7yati haka khass nsa bach n3ich
Kbret ou 7yati haka khass nsa bach nzid
Play it on repeat
I know who iam no im not changing
Even if they want me to be somеone elseXcеp :A lot of people told me
All the homies, all the folks
That I couldn’t get it on
Still did it on my own
Had to stick to my ambition
Had one vision all along
Everything I did it for
For the passion and my own
Bad business, struggle and the hard times tried to get me gone, yeah
But never did it one time
I’m still out here being strong, yeah
Kidlam l’hal, katlaa chemss, yeah sahbi ghi sber
Ou kanfker yeah

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