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Harmony Of Dissonance Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Harmony Of Dissonance Lyrics.

Harmony Of Dissonance Lyrics

Can’t escape from this maze I’m in
Nothing was ever enough to live
My mind is full of thoughts, drowning
Scared and scattered, anything remained to give?

Thanks to the darkness that always captured me
The inference of my lamentations
Soul bound to the eternal pasts
Is it too late to regret for the love that lasts?Harmony of Dissonance in my heart
This dilemma tears me apart
Harmony of Dissonance in my heart
The fever
The cold
The fear
Reunited insideDeceiver
Feeling bold
I’m far
From your sideVeiled through the nightmares
Living and dying alone
In the same place two bodies far away
I can’t endure this fallConfusion never ends
Hard like a gravestone
All my past turned its back around
I need a brain uninstallNeed to get myself back from contrition
Need to find my way back home
Need to integrate my pieces again
So we unite, as the same…

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