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Knucklehead Lyrics

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Knucklehead Lyrics

It’s not looking good for us
Shadow Wizard Money Gang, we love casting spells!
So Evil Boys!

[Verse 1: Acid Souljah]
I been counting up im getting hella bread
That boy dumb as fuck, he act like a knuckle head
I took a xan, I don’t care if it’s blue, green, or red
I just sold 100 xans and it was laced with fent
This bitch said I look like Christ Dillinger
I’m mad confused, how I look like Christ Dillinger?
She want some fancy food I took her to the Taco Bell and KFC combo
You hittin one shots
Bitch, I’m hittin combos
I’ll roll this whole pack up in a [?] though
And I’ll smoke it to myself, bitch (Holy shit!)
I don’t care if you think that I’m selfish
I’m also out here [?] (Sha-sha-shadow)
[Verse 2: Christ Dillinger]
[?] selfish
Did what I did, I ain’t ask for forgiveness
Wake up in the morning, I’m thanking the Based God
[?] for the Based God
Based God was there when I was [?] up
Based God was there when I took a fake perc
I feel like Based God in this tiny shirt (Shadow)
She gotta be based or it ain’t gonna work
[?] in the back when I’m lighting it up [?] the terminator
Big ass boots so I stomp a nigga till he stop moving I’m the timbilator
Get the work from the plug, call the jug, drop the work at the jug house
Jug don’t get the phone, I’mma be waiting outside the jug house
I feel the Based God hand on my shoulder the first time I took a fake pill
Pill guy come through, drop off the percs, get out, we ain’t tryna chill
Trackhawks look like silent hill (Shadow)
Went to therapy, but I’m violent still
Try to change my ways, I’m fighting still[Verse 3: Dream Caster]
I try to change my ways, I can’t
I pop a perc, I don’t take xans
[?] Sam I am
And I get a million and go to Japan
I’m in Japan, I ain’t got a gun
I still feel safe
I ain’t feel that way in a long time
But when I fly home, I gotta tote that bitch at all times
But I chose to be this way, I can’t go back
I’m riding around with that gas pack
I put my gun on her night stand
And my bro so fucked up off the white and the pipe
In shadow world [?]
[Verse 4: Ricky Chix]
[?] to a 15 now, pussy boy wanna come pull up now
I don’t fuck with that old bitch now
20 on me go fuck her mouth
[?] and Joeyy they got the gout
I just wanna make that lil bitch pout
[?] racks, fuck the clout
[?] and kick him out
I’m in the Shed and we way too OP
Sippin jet lean, codeine in my cup
Bitch I’m with Chris, we [?]
Up in the Urus, way too stuck
On my bro, my bro gotta bro
On my bro, gotta fuck my bro
Told that bitch come fuck my bro
Told that bitch come fuck my broSha-Sha-Shadow Taylor
(Hit them with the Fentanyl)
The shadow people, are in your walls!
Sha-Sha-Shadow Taylor

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