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Oil Spill (Freestyle) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Oil Spill (Freestyle) Lyrics.

Oil Spill (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Okay, checking in, 34 days I really rap I make it great again
Higher the stakes and as of late I’m on my intepend’
Spirit gon’ guide me got me mobbing with the wider lens
You in my way then you get banished, just the cup of tea
Like puppetry, I know I got the Midas touch, a diamond ring
100k in my stock account, I’m pedaling
100 million my vision clear, no settling
She gon’ make it all disappear, look by the beam
Flow dopest the [?]
My dawgs with me in this bitch you better not rub wrong
We in Utah with this shit we getting our grind on
Switching drip in every city gеtting my shine on, my time huh
Yeah, yеah, what it is
I ain’t show you nothing yet, you just watching nigga build
Do you feel real spill, the boy’s really him
That’s old spill
[Verse 2: Slim Diesel]
I just made a few dollars, ’bout to put it on your head
Told them youngins stand over him, make sure that he dead
[?] soldiers stay prepared
I bet them choppas’ll clear the rumors, yeah this top’ll make it clear
Spin the block with them Glocks, leave an opp in the rear
I’m one hell of a gangsta, went from goon to top tier
I’m touching blood money, so I gotta keep them gloves on me
Drug money keep them gloves on me, yeah
Feel like my soul is unsettled
Dark nights on that tour bus I was fighting the devil
Young nigga full of game I’m from a whole ‘nother era
Help that mothafuckin’ [?] if you ever see us go hit up, huh
Protect your face card and your energy
Don’t you hate when your friends turn to enemies
Told CJ Fresh we on a whole ‘nother level
That’s my fellow [?], he my cousin forever, it’s Diesel, yeah

And this is a oil leak
Pow, wow, wow, wow, wow[Outro: Ace Hood]
Yeah, you already know. I’m Ace Hood. We on tour man, protect your energy, you dig? Yeah. Tour bus broke down but we figured it out, we powered up we moved through it. Tour bus gave us more issues we had to move through it. Feel me? Yeah. It’s Hood nation, aah. PYE. And that’s my brother Slim Diesel, hahaha. For the people, for the, for the people, huh. Hood nation, huh, whoo

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