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Dumb bih Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Dumb bih Lyrics.

Dumb bih Lyrics

Enrgy made this one

What you want bitch?
I just played the fuck out a hoe ’cause she a dumb bitch
Smack a lil’ infant, grow up to be dumb kid
Nigga need a cut, brand new barber, aight
Nigga need a cut, brand new barber like his name Rick
5th aborted, ahh, aight
5th aborted baby and I ate it, hear a voice and shit
I just hit his bitch up and he hate it, not my choice and shit
I don’t want that bitch, so you can have her, not my bae and shit
She can have this nut but I don’t wanna give her kids and shit
Hit her from the back but she can’t take it, give her ruler dick
Sayin’ my too bad because she caught me on my cheater shit
Shootin’ at her dad because she didn’t get my messages
I just fucked her great, that’s why she say that I’m the best in it
Shootin’ at a nigga, on his head and now he dead and shit
Tellin’ her I cheat but as a joke but really meanin’ it

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