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To Whom It may Concern Lyrics

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To Whom It may Concern Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This dope that i smoke
Leave you faded to the bone
Outta zone, all alone
I got sins you can’t atone
Been on my own
Even when i wasn’t grown
Fuck a loan
I own everything
That i own
Fuck a throne
Just tryna get blown
And be a better unknown
Motherfuckas glued to their phone
They wouldn’t know a good time
Even if it was shown

[verse 2]
It’s already been established
That I got mental issues
Stress will age you
My thoughts
Never have a curfew
These drugs
Can and will destroy you
My mental illness
Ain’t your costumе
You’d kill yourself, if you lived in thesе shoes
And OD from the drugs I consume
Do’s and Don’ts
We’re never taught to me
There is nothing else
No apostrophe
I am empty
Dwelling in this agony
I can’t help but panic
What is next for me
A life
Not lived
Is a sin
Figuratively, and literally
I can get under your skin
If You’re feeling tired
Then you’re preaching to the choir
How you talk a lot
But you really ain’t say nothin
Bitch my livers been failing
But what’s new
I’ve been a failure ever since i left the whom
Couldn’t even succeed at suicide
I don’t even know who I am Inside
I see all these pseudo intellectuals
In the comments
Trying to gate keep hip hop
And hate on my content
Saying I need to stop making music
That my stuff is fuckin garbage
Ha, (HaHaHa, HaHaHa)
This is real rap HipHop
Quit it with your persona
Or I’ll send your motherfuckin ass to Jehovah
No fucks given
Not even an iota
Got people who want me dead from the UK
To tacoma
I beg them to come kill me
So I don’t gotta suffer
Crazy motherfucka
Habitual loner
I would take a bullet for no one but my mother
Window paint
Gel tabs with some gold flakes
Flat affect
Got an Emotionless face
Dump your body in some chemicals
Now you’re Unidentifiable
No pump fakes
Bitch I’m all in
Glad I got a pot to piss in
Feeling brazen
Most my life I’ve wanted to run, before I could walk
Plagued by these thoughts
Hate when my hallucinations begin to talk
I bottle my shit up
Always getting fucked up
Do a whole line just to wake me back up
Just tryin keep my head afloat
What is life
When I wake up just to grieve some more
Hungover laying on the floor
Pain getting worse
Hopped out the whip
Like it was a hearse
But I don’t feel reborn
Ash on the floor board
I feel so forlorn
Doing enough drugs to kill a horse
You ask me how I’m doing
“Alive but dead Inside”
That will be my reply
I feel so fucked up
Everytime that I think of you I lose Mind
Cause I know that
I will never again
Get to speak to you
I Held his body
As his energy floated off into space
Gasping for air like a fish out of water
No one can fathom
The anguish that I harbor

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