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Deuce Lyrics

41, Kyle Richh & Jenn Carter
[Intro: Kyle Richh & Jenn Carter]
(Tray, Tray, TrayBVNDO)
Yo, Jenn
Yo, what we doin’?
It’s mad bitches
Yo, where they at? Yo, vid’ shoot tonight
Tell ’em, “Slide,” tell ’em, “Slide”
Know what we do, come on, come on, come on
Tell ’em, “Slide,” yo, bro, we outside, gangsta
We outside, it’s a movie
[Verse 1: Jenn Carter & Kyle Richh]
I’m in the stu’ wit’ liquor as a bev’ (Like, what?)
Throwin’ up four, catch a opper, he dead (Dead, like)
He rest, hospital bed (Bed, like)
I cannot sleep, I be off of the meds (Like, damn)
Like, what? Fuck all these bitches (Like, what?)
I just put all this pain in my Smith &
Aim for the top ’cause I cannot be second (I can’t)
In the store at eleven, we sendin’ ’em seven (Like, what?)
I cannot be somethin’ I’m not
Beam on my waist and it stay on the Glock (Glock, like)
I be fiendin’ to click and it’s everyone shot (Everyone shot, like)
I can’t trust not a soul, I put trust in my Glock (My Glock, like)
They sleepin’, no beauty
Get in my feelings, start lookin’ for doopties (Doopties)
Need a bitch for the night (What? Damn)
Spot me a opp and you know its on sight (Grrah-grrah, boom)
(Like, what, like, what?)

[Verse 2: Kyle Richh & Jenn Carter]
Grrah, too many demons, don’t know what to fight
Like, liq-liquor taste good when I’m bussin’
Pass me the Pate’ and mix it wit’ ice
Like, send the addy, I’m slidin’ in ten
Pho-Phone DND, when she step in my Benz
‘Cause we goin’ up, no time for distractions (Distractions)
Like, all these demons, they stuck in my head
Real, real love (Don’t gotta pretend)
Like, I’m in love wit’ my gun and my pen
(And we had a thing so I can’t be her friend)
But, fuck it, might kick it to Jenn
Ne-Never lackin’, can’t turn to a pack (To a pack)
What? Stay with the nine when I bend (When I bend)
It’s a spliff in my hand when rap (When I rap)
I’m off the D’USSÉ, don’t know how to act (How to act)

[Verse 3: Kyle Richh]
Grrah, I’m in the booth wit’ the deuce on my lap (Deuce it)
How you jackin’ me? Called you a rat (Get off my dick)
Like, o-opp niggas, still takin’ trains
Brother got caught and the other got fame
Like-Like, what? Who really on that? (Damn)
He no good, he did bad for his team (Bad for his team)
How y’all niggas still sippin’ on green? (Green no good)
Blockwork a bitch and his mother’s a fiend
Like, I’m in the lead, in CELINE (Like, what?)
Niggas’ homeless and still tryna beef (Like, how?)
Please don’t keep me when I’m off a bean (Like, damn)
Sippin’ and grievin’ from shit that I seen (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
On a rock wit’ a couple of knocks (Like, damn)
Heart drop when they scream, “Ninety-two” (Like, what?)
Free static, go dumb wit’ the deuce (Like, damn)
Free static, go dumb wit’ the— (Like, huh? Deuce)

[Outro: Kyle Richh]
Go dumb wit’ the deuce (Like, what? Like, what? Like, damn)
Like, go dumb wit’ the— (Damn-damn-damn, grrah-grrah)
Go dumb wit’ the deuce (Like, damn)
Damn, go dumb wit’ the deuce, damn (Like, what? Like, what? Like, damn)
Like, go dumb wit’ the— (Damn-damn-damn, grrah-grrah)
Go dumb wit’ the deuce (Like, damn)

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