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Tread and Flow Lyrics

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Tread and Flow Lyrics

Question the hunger
Satiate this wonder

The boat rows down the road
Where the river overflowed
Drowning in reflection
Muse with no direction
Where the pendulum trembles
Tick-tocking waves of ripples
Prismed droplets’ deception
Resonate with imperfection
Cicada chirps on the rapids
Vapid past regrets subtracted
Recount limbs shedding light
On obstruction satisfied
The storm passes through thе trees
Each lifeless leaf a bеlief
Peat and mud on the shoreline
Listless with no lifeline
Stuck treading here
Stuck treading here
Stuck treading here
Stuck treading hereCircle the maelstrom
Stuck in the record’s scratch
Delve into delusion
Planned final phase of executionUp ahead there’s a jam
Where the flotsam formed a dam
But hope holds a trickle
Where fears force a sickle
Each branch that breaks free
Forges velocity
Can you see the water moving
Faster now, louder now
(Flow Faster Forward)
Pull paddles through the moodswings
Broken bands of bokeh cloudsCapsaicin laces the honey
Creation from destruction forming
Grasping at the lack of gravity
And the future’s futile pageantry

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