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Vent 8 || Self Destruct Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Vent 8 || Self Destruct Lyrics.

Vent 8 || Self Destruct Lyrics

[intro: 2ooDark]
All you need to stop it

[verse 1: 2ooDark]
Bitch dropping when I cock it
Pop my head no options
Gone bitch, I’m gone bitch
Stopping, can’t stop it I’m settled bitch
Grip my kettle bitch
Bury me with all my medals bitch
[verse 2: 2ooDark]
Please stop it, you can drop it
You don’t really care
You don’t think it’s fair
Options? What options?
Stomping, thoughts stomping
Death knocking
He wants in, not gonna stop him
I’m gone in[bridge: 2ooDark]
Lavender town
Fit in with the crowd
Wear a crown
Topped with big regrets better yet
Bring some cigarettes
Keep further rotting over till we start again
Four leaf clover I’m a hoper
That one day I’ll resurrect[interlude: 2ooDark]
Bum bum bum
Blow my brains out
Pink like gum gum
Take my pain out
Fade away
Into thе
Night I follow the light
Alester acts as my guidе
He’s my favorite guy
[verse 3: 2ooDark]
Die, I have really died
Nothing left inside
My demise, cause of suicide
I can’t enjoy life
No goodbye I hope I way you down
I hope you
Break inside
Know that I
Hope you cry from the afterlife[verse 4: 2ooDark]
More? Need I say no more
Life is just a chore
Bored, out my mind blood leaking from my thighs
Of future actions ignored by the like
80% I join with gleaming eyes
Note on the floor just so you can know why
Rest inside the ground I won’t go to sky
Lavender town is for children like I
Lavender town is for children like I[outro: Allister]
After all the ghost trainers here to transport ghost type Pokémon
Ghost type Pokémon? No one else?
Only someone like me

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