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Way Too Softly (Radio Version) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Way Too Softly (Radio Version) Lyrics.

Way Too Softly (Radio Version) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
******* playin’ games, they playin’ way too softly
They h– ’bout as hard as I expect from an offspring
My talent ain’t boxing
But on my door, they knocking
‘Cause I said I’d **** them ******* like boxes in unboxing
******* wit’ an opp’ sayin’ it stands for “opportunities”
All and y5 and everyone know these
****, *****, whatever, gettin’ on they k—-
Turn around, **** **** **, *** you in danger, hive of ************* bees
**** yo’ eyebrows upside down like you a ******* Mii
Why you messin’ wit’ the OG
Yea, you got a new car, I’m really hoping
You ***** into a tree
*** ** one, two, three
Switch the flow up, ***** **** ***** ***, I’m ******* Kobe
I’ll flash yo’ **** so much, call you Adobe
**** y’all ******* up, I cannot lie
The **** is so ************, you ain’t able to cry
My ******* *** so deep you could say they a *****
H– you in yo’ c—, might as well be takin’ yo’ l—
Lookin’ at yo’ **, I’m’ma steal her, alright
H– yo’ wheel on yo’ bike, ******, yea, you a ****
I’m going downhill
No Bob Hill
F—— your nickel
Took her to the hospital
Now she looks me up and down like I’m a ************* riddle
Still don’t want her, you can have it
I’m a rockstar, feel like 21 Savage
Talking **** on the phone
The song made by Post Malone
You’re ***** *** all alone
Girls like you for Ricks
Not because you can lick lips
Rip-dip, you’re not ripped, h– his rib and hip
Hop singin’ TikTok
Songs like The Box
Roddy Ricch rips *****
Off the body like a paradox
******* him up, **** in his cup
******* him up, **** in his cup
******* him up, **** in his cup
******* him up, **** in his cup
******* him up, **** in his cup
Don’t give a ****
Bars aren’t luck
**** him like hocke-teers **** pucks

[Verse 2]
They really be mad, tryna ***** me and ****
Gettin’ ******* ******: “**** *******, ain’t it?”
******* her *****, I skipped the ****
It’s out-of-order, dude, it needs maintenance
I don’t knock on that door
I kick ‘dat ***** in like a party
You’re old but you act four
“Dude, that was gnarly!”
I admit to being ******, watch, I’m ’boutta **** *** ******
I got three last words first: Yea, you figured

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