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Backy Lyrics

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Backy Lyrics

Supposed to feel right

This is how it supposed to feel rightOooaaaa[1TakeQuan verse]
This is how its supposed to right
On the road to get mils right
Fuck how you feel right
Got my momma back imagine what that feel light
Blew a lot of cash imagine what that feel like
I ain’t going back so sacrificing meal nightsSo
Work working
When I pull up yo bitch call me mr perfect
Put my tongue on her trynna spell my name in cursive
Ain’t hit the stage in a while first time I was nervous
Ain’t hit yo bitch in a while first time she was nervous
She go crazy with that mouth got that lethal serviceI ain’t waiting on shit ima go for mine
Every bitch choose me ima Pokemon
Pay me to wear to it out ima clothing line
Everybody wit me niggas ain’t no hoe in mines[1TakeJay Verse]
I just rolled a lil backy up
Mitch matchin my designer I’m tacky huh
Nigga got to close jab jab back em up
Strip club throwing ah tantrum im acting upFor the bag im chubby chaser wear the fattest one
Why the fuck you got so many bitches I mastered em
Certified lover boy sike im the ratchet one
Talking bitches right up out a check im ah paster huh
1take the gang number 1 you last as fuck
Treat hoes like im from the 80s I crack em huh
Sneak did the 808 its blastin huh
Nigga you ain’t even bring ah wrap bro pass the bluntIma bring the shots right to you fuck bottle service
Fendi eyes on my chest my outfit nervous
I didn’t mean to block the bitch my thumb was curvin
He saw me hit from the back yo son was learning[ 1TakeTeezy verse ]
Gucci flops with the low socks
Already faded taking moe shots
She give head that’s ah dome shot
Get money buyin moe drops
Dick dope so I turn the coop into the dope spotHood nigga in some balmains
Point guard bitch we all aim
Rat hoes im happy y’all came
Get it jumpin like ah ball game
They ain’t balling but y’all still running round thinking y’all JamesShe on my line cause that bag in
Got ah bag nd got another bag bitch now I got fat twins
Cameras on the dash when I bag in
Nd its kill up in the wood you know I got it packed in bitch
[ Chorus ]
I just rolled a lil backy up
1take the gang you last as fuckAye quan roll a lil backy up
They ain’t smoking like the gang they mad at usAye Vell roll a lil backy up
1take the gang good rolls nd tucksRoll ah lil backy up
Roll ah lil backy up5 grams in a wood roll ah backy up
If you smoke ah dutch nigga roll a backy up
If you smoke a swisher nigga roll a backy up
If you smoke papers you can still roll a backy upNigga roll ah backy up
They ain’t smoking like the gang they mad at us
Nigga roll ah backy up
Nigga roll ah backy up

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