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Dumbest Girl Alive Lyrics

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Dumbest Girl Alive Lyrics

100 gecs
[Intro: Laura Les]

[Verse: Laura Les]
If you think I’m stupid now
You should see me when I’m high
And I’m smarter than I look
I’m the dumbest girl alive
I took ten Advils today
I’ve got bruises on my thighs
Plus I gave away my brain
I’m the dumbest girl alive
I’ve got lightning in my veins
Walk around like Frankenstein
I did science on my face
I’m the dumbest girl alive
Never ask me what I think
Don’t know why you even try
‘Cause I’ll always get it wrong
I’m the dumbest girl alive
Money coming from my mouth
Money coming from my eyes
And I keep on losing count
I’m the dumbest girl alive
A-A-And I’m picking up the pacе
I’m so happy I could die
Put emojis on my grave
I’m thе dumbest girl alive
And I feel so dangerous
When you say I’m doing fine now
Guess that’s how it goes
I’m the dumbest girl alive
Texts, texts, texts, texts
Like you’re tryna start a fight
Yeah, I’ll fuckin’ text you back
I’m the dumbest girl alive
[Outro: Laura Les]
Why you wanna pout?
Is there something in your eye?
Can you show me how?
Can you show me how to cry?

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