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Flowers Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Flowers Lyrics.

Flowers Lyrics

Someone’s knocking on my bedroom door
Hey, look I’m sorry, didn’t mean to make you mad
Left you on read everytime
But really, it was kinda your fault

I’m just crying on the floor
Come in, come in, I missed you so bad
I was too boring for you
But I will never be again
And all the flowers you planted deep inside my heart
Are withering away
And I just can’t remember being okay[Verse]
I don’t feel like anyone without your touch and validation
All the things we used to do
It doesn’t feel as fun anymore
It doesn’t feel the same anymore[Chorus]
And all the flowеrs you planted deep inside my heart
Arе withering away
And I can’t remember being okay[Outro verse]
Oh, you’re such a gemini
Don’t need you in my life
Please just leave me alone
I wanna die, I wanna feel the pain that you gave me that night
When you took those flowers from my life

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